Frequently Asked Questions

1-  What is Cryptomonsoon?

Answer: Cryptomonsoon is the best place for advertisers to promote their product and get targeted traffic exposure for their product. We are placing the world's best technology with artificial intelligence to help our advertisers to gain best from our product.

2- How Cryptomonsoon is different from Other Projects?

Answer: Cryptomonsoon has a very unique and sustainable business model which can last for years. You have never seen any project like this before. We have briefly discussed the reasons of failure Check here.

3- Why you are not offering advertisement packages with adpacks and stacking packs?

Answer: We will sell advertisement services separately to add more funds to reserve. Most of the project offers free advertisement packages with adpacks which do not provide quality exposure to the advertisers for the services they are looking for. We want to provide quality services to our advertisers so we have decided to keep it separate.

4- Is it compulsory to participate in ICO?

Answer: It is not compulsory although you will not get CMN Tokens cheaper after ICO.Because during ICO we are offering CMN tokens at the very cheap rate. In our first ICO round, We are even offering it for 0.01$.

5- Is your Internal Exchange Fully Functional?

Answer: Yes absolutely we have even test it for complete 1 month. During testing, we tested our exchange to the maximum limit and it has proven to work well. On average our internal exchange can process up to 50000 orders per second.

6- Do you have Plans to add more currency pairs to your own Exchange?

Answer: Absolutely in near future, we have plans to enable trading for most traded crypto coins on our exchange to gain more volume and fee to grow our reserves.

7- I can not see the advertisement services you are offering can cover the profit people will make from Adpacks?

Answer: Our Advertisement services are not limited that you are seeing in your back office right now.We have lot of finalized deals with adfly and even with DailyMotion for advertisement which we will execute in the coming months. We have designed this project after evaluating everything.You will see the expansion of advertisement services in near future.

8- What are the difference between 40$ Adpack And Stacking Pack?

Answer: 40$ adpack will earn you up to 2% per day in dollars while Stacking pack will earn you 0.4% daily in CMN tokens.

9- Why I can not purchase 40$ adpack from purchase wallet?

Answer: Purchase wallet is just to receive referral commissions, earnings from 40$ adpack.Purchase of all the services will be from CMN wallet only.

10-Can I Withdraw from Earning wallet?

Answer: You can only deposit and withdraw from Main wallet.

11- What is the use of Earning wallet?

Answer: Earning wallet can be used only for receiving commissions and earnings from 40$ adpack.You can then transfer from purchase wallet to CMN wallet then you can use our exchange to sell CMN token and get funds in Main wallet to get your withdrawals.

12- Do you assure investment returns?

Answer: We only assure you will get paid in CMN token . After that, you have to use exchange where buyers and sellers trade in between to get funds.

13- What is the minimum/maximum amount for withdrawal?
Minimum you can withdraw is $10 USD. The maximum is $9999 per day.

14- Can free member earn? 
Yes, free members can earn through referral link promotion and earn commission on ICO or on purchase of adpacks.