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Sustainability of any business in crucial in its credibility and We are the pioneer in setting this up in front of our members. Our members can see Our complete business model and understand How It is going to sustain for years.

  • Unique Elements Of our Business Model
  • Capped Expiries For Adpacks
  • Steady and Realistic Revenue Sharing
  • Stablilty Of Coin Price
  • Stability Of Reserves
  • Big App House Projects In the Pipeline
  • Internal Exchange Only In Usd
  • Realistic Referral Program

How We are Different From Other Projects that Collapsed in Last year only?

Most of the projects collapsed due to following Solid reasons:

Unrealistic Returns

Most of the project that collapsed offer unrealistic returns that seriously damaging their reserves and thair reserves dried faster and they collapsed.But In our program we redesigned every thing and make returns realistic to avoid this problem in future.

BitCoin Volatility & Exchange In BTC

We worked really hard to find a solution to avoid volitilty of bitcoin in our project.Although Bitcoin is good for long term as an investor but daily volatility can really damage a program.After careful consideration we choose to offer our exchange only in Usd So our coin will not be directly affected by Btc sudden Dumps.So,in any bearish market we can sustain as we will in bullish market.

Revenue Share Payments In Our Coin

We will only pay earnings in Our Coin only.For 40$ Adpack we pay it in Lending wallet from where you will get our coin and then members have to use exchange where members can trade those coins with other members.

Revenue From Advertisement

We have multiple services that we are offering to our advertisers.We are paying in our coin and we are also getting revenue in our coin which completely makes it sustainable.For more information Check our Services Page.

Reserves in BTC & Ethereum

Many projects failed because they keep their reserve in Bitcoin & Ethereum .I would like to explain this a bit more in detail.Let us say I have 5000BTC in reserve and I got these deposits when BTC was at 10000$

So in Usd I got 5000x10000=50000000$ But BTC Declined Almost 2500$ and Reached at the price of 7500$ But I still have those 5000BTC which Now values at 5000x7500=37500000. You can see clear difference of 12500000 which is impossible to gain back.Only possible scenerio is if BTC go back to 10000$ But at the same time withdrawals will keep on going and at the end reserve will be down by 25%

We find a good solution for this,We will only keep 10% of our reserve in BTC to keep processing withdrawals.Rest of the money will be kept in Usdc.So whether BTC dumps hard it will not effect our reserve in any ways.